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Local Advertising


Welcome to Local Advertising

On this site you can create a local ad for your company. Whenever a person with our app installed on their cell phone passes your store they will get a message on their phone telling them that you have a sale. You can also just use our web page to view ads located close to your current location using GPS and get sale offers delivered straight to your phone. You can also view all sales on a map.
As an advertiser you can have one ad at a time at a low cost of $19.99 per month. You can change your ad as many times as you like during that month.
If you sign up for more than one month then it will be cheaper and if you have more locations we will give you better rebates.
Why use local advertisig?
A recent survey of 400 brand executives by Balihoo found that 91% planned to increase their investments in location-based marketing campaigns in 2013. Finally, a study by Berg Insight found that location-enabled ad spend reached about 8% of total mobile ad spend for 2012. This proportion is expected to increase to 33% by 2017.
Why use us:
We give marketers new ways to identify and track mobile audiences, and with the aid of algorithms, we can also group them into behavioral and demographic segments for targeting.
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